ENN Canada

  • Natural Gas helps lower emissions and is a safe, viable alternative to diesel

Energy, the environment, and sustainable development have become major global issues, and the world needs innovative and practical new ways of producing clean energy. For more than 20 years, ENN has been working from this fundamental premise. Sustainable development is at the core of our corporate philosophy and vision to innovate in clean energy, improve the environment, and enhance overall quality of life.

We incorporate environmental protection and employee health and safety into every step of our production and operation life cycles. By providing clean energy and services, ENN is helping mitigate the negative impact economic development can have on the environment.

In China, we have enabled millions of people to lead healthier, more productive lives by providing natural gas to households that previously faced the daily drudgery of burning coal for cooking and heating. It is estimated that our household gas projects alone reduced 58,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (accounting for 14% of China's national reduction index) and 55,000 tons of nitrogen oxides emissions.