ENN Canada

As a leading solution provider of liquefied natural gas in Canada we rely on our partnerships with all stakeholders in the regions where we do business in order to accomplish our goals. Over the past several years, we have formed strong relationships with the communities and local governments where we operate, as well as with several national associations and leading international organizations.

Advancing LNG Production and Supply in Canada with Ferus


Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Joint Venture

Our joint venture with Ferus Natural Gas Fuels helps customers by providing the certainty of uninterrupted supply of LNG fuel for their equipment. Both companies bring expertise in the natural gas fuelling market – Ferus specializes in building and operating cryogenic and micro-LNG plants and distribution equipment, and ENN Canada brings expertise in the construction and operation of LNG stations. Details of the joint venture include:

  • First facility located at Edmonton, AB
  • Built to produce 100,000 US gallons of LNG per day per facility with ability to expand
  • Provides certainty of uninterrupted supply to market
  • First product expected late 2017